Moving Away From Excel Based Maintenance Plan.

Maintenance costs are a major part of the total operating costs of all manufacturing or production plants. Depending on the specific industry, maintenance costs can represent between 15 and 60 percent of the cost of goods produced.

Moving Away From Excel Based Maintenance Plan.

Recent surveys of maintenance management effectiveness indicate that one-third (33 cents out of every dollar) of all maintenance costs is wasted as the result of unnecessary or improperly carried out maintenance. When you consider that U.S. industry alone spends more than $200 billion each year on maintenance of plant equipment and facilities, the impact on productivity and profit that is represented by the maintenance operation becomes clear.

The result of ineffective maintenance management represents a loss of more than $60 billion each year. Perhaps more important is the fact that ineffective maintenance management significantly affects the ability to manufacture quality products that are competitive in the world market. The losses of production time and product quality that result from poor or inadequate maintenance management have had a dramatic impact on industries ability to compete with countries that have implemented more advanced maintenance management philosophies.

Implementing software based maintenance program increases your financial saving as well as the quality of your product.

Disadvantages of Excel Based System

No doubt that Excel has been a wonderful tool for maintenance management since the beginning of 20th century. However, with rapid development in technological sector, Excel based system could not even come close to high end web software, let alone compete with them.

Absence of data management.

Absence of a proper data management system is arguably the biggest downside of Excel based maintenance plan compared to software based maintenance. There is little to no relationship between the work being carried out and the asset itself. Critical maintenance data are often excluded from the spreadsheet which leads to major concerns in planning and execution of an effective maintenance plan.

Security and accountability.

Excel sheet only provide minimum level protection towards data tampering. The usual practice is to have a password protected sheet which is then passed on to selected personnel for access. However there is no way to have a role based access control on the same Excel spreadsheet. This  creates a big complication in determining the validity and authenticity of the data in the spreadsheet and more worryingly doesn't provide any sense of accountability to the personnel involved. This can result in major mismanagement of a maintenance program.

Implementing Zero Trust security is a must for successful data management of any organization

Difficulty in planning and sharing.

Software based maintenance program have the added advantage of incorporating condition based maintenance program. With major development in internet infrastructure and electronics, data can be fed live into maintenance software to automatically generate maintenance plan based on operational characteristic of the asset. This is impossible to achieve with Excel. Sharing of data and notifying person in charge of the maintenance prove to be very troublesome process in Excel. With multiple documents being shared around, tracking them can get tricky. Any minor mistake can have a huge financial impact on operational cost.

Replacing Excel With World Class Maintenance Software

There is no doubt that maintenance software is the way forward for any organization be it manufacturing industry, educational institute or even holiday resorts and hotels. But be sure to make an informed decision. Many software available on the market right now are merely rebranded excel software with strikingly similar functional ability of Excel. These software will not do you any favor. In fact it will cost you even more money in hosting and maintaining the web based software architecture with not much improvement in your maintenance efficiency.

Some software are just rebranded version of Excel with no real improvement in functionality.

One Software for All Your Maintenance Needs

Over the past decade, we at Magnus Code have worked with various corporation in understanding their maintenance needs. We have developed and enhanced our maintenance methodology and implement all our expertise to come up with the most comprehensive asset management software ever produced. With great emphasis on functionality and usability, we provide unmatched user experience and guaranteed improvement in your maintenance methodology.

Introducing Magnus Reactor.

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